Tiki Bar & Grill

Fantastic waterfront hangout. Where the locals stay and visitors come to play! 

We are a waterfront bar that happens to sell some of the greatest food on the strip. 

Friendly staff, full liquor bar, low prices, and the best view of the Indian River that will keep you coming back again and again.


Drinks, Menu and our Daily Specials

Join us for one of our daily specials that you cannot get anywhere else.

1130 Indian River Drive
Sebastian’s Waterfront

Most of the facility is located outdoors. The Tiki Bar & Grill is primarily a bar that happens to sell great food. If you’re looking for a laid back, toes in the sand kind of place then the Tiki Bar & Grill is for you.

There's something happening every day at the Tiki Bar & Grill!

Check out our daily/weekly/monthly calendar and join us for one or better yet all of our events.

We love our locals!


Breaking News!

Unfortunately, we do not have a designated area for pets. Therefore, unless your pet is a service animal and complies with all ADA requirements of a service animal it will be unable to stay on the premises.

Just a quick update on our expansion project.

The dock is now completely rebuilt.  We were able to accomplish this before the kick off of “boating season”.  Fingers crossed that we are not faced with any storms producing hurricane force winds or rains.  We had hoped to begin renovation on the “Old House” by March, 2017, but our plans were delayed.  We are happy to report that the “Old House” project is underway and the tentative completion date should be late October or early November, in time for season.

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